The second trailer for Logan from 20th Century FOX hit YouTube this week, and now I am starting to feel as though I am ready to hop on board with this chapter in the Wolverine saga. I admit I was not quite all in on the next story in the X-Men Cinematic Universe from FOX after watching the initial trailer for the movie, but after educating myself a little bit more on the background information a bit more for the premise of this film and watching the newest trailer, I can say I am a bit more excited for it than I expected to be.

The Wolverine solo films have been hit or miss, but there is no doubt Hugh Jackman has perfected the role over the course of his run as Wolverine. Before Iron Man ignited the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jackman as Wolverine really helped kickstart a renaissance of sorts for superhero movies. Sadly, his run as the clawed superhero is likely coming to an end soon, so it is perhaps fitting we now witness him in an older role struggling with the pain that has built up over the years and taking care of his mentor, Charles Xavier. Now, Logan is faced with protecting X-23, a clone of Wolverine he seems to have just come to be aware of. And let me just say, X-23 appears to be one girl you do not want to mess with.

After a year for FOX that included a surprise smash hit in Deadpool and the latest chapter in the complicated X-Men timeline, FOX helps get our 2017 superhero movie fun launched with Logan on March 3, 2017.

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