Something I am going to start doing is attempting to provide one weekly roundup of any radio appearances and podcasts I have made during the course of the week. We begin today with what was a pretty busy week for me as the college football media day circuit continued to roll along with some big news out of the Big 12 regarding the decision to expand.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recording of the interview I did for the overnight show on NBC Sports Radio this week, but here are the audio clips from the other radio appearances I made this week. I can already tell you now I have a few interviews lined up for next week as well, so it looks like this just might be a pretty regular post on this blog moving forward. I will also have at least one new No 2-Minute Warning Podcast to share as well.


I make a weekly appearance on Trib Live Radio in Pittsburgh every Wednesday at about 10:40 AM ET.


I made this guest appearance earlier in the week before we learned the Big 12 was about to move forward with an expansion movement, so keep that in mind when we get to discussing Big 12 expansion.


Big 12 expansion news is a popular topic in the state of Utah with BYU continuing to be a potentially leading candidate for expansion in the conference. We discussed that along with some other college football topics.


This week’s episode of the Talking 10 Podcast continued with its weekly team preview series. This week we discussed Penn State. I reached out to Ben Jones of to hop on to join us to provide his insider thoughts on the team heading into 2016.


Following up on the topic of Big 12 expansion, I accepted an invite to discuss the news with This is UConn Country and focus on how and where UConn fits into the conversation.