It had been quite some time since I dug in and put together an episode of my college football podcast, so it was refreshing to get back to recording and editing a new episode for the No 2-Minute Warning Podcast. I figured a good way to jump back in the saddle would be to take a look at SEC media days, which run from July 11-14 in Hoover, Alabama. Joining me on the podcast was Barrett Sallee, the lead SEC writer for Bleacher Report and host of the Smothered and Covered Podcast on VSporto and a host on Bleacher Report Radio on Sirius xm.

It was also a chance to refresh my approach for sharing the podcast, which I had been looking forward to doing for quite some time. It starts with the new website set-up exclusively for hosting the podcast, which is now an official extension from the home page for No 2-Minute Warning. This site had been running for a while but was waiting for the podcast to return to a somewhat regular schedule. This site now serves as the source for the podcast feed that goes out to subscribers on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Essentially, it is the new central hub for the podcast on its own server, which helps clear room for the main site moving forward. Listeners through iHeart Radio still must wait for me to upload the latest episode to Spreaker, where the audio file is hosted and syndicated to iHeart Radio. The expanded show notes for each episode will remain on the main blog, just as they always have, but the embedded audio will now come from SoundCloud because the main audio file is no longer hosted in the same directory as it used to. While this may sound a little complicated, I am very happy with the new organization of how the podcast is hosted and made available for as wide a listener base as I can reach.

Of course, hosting the audio file is just one step. I also did a quick PhotoShop project to grab a fun quote from my interview and threw together a quick image to be shared on the Instagram account for the website.

Instagram is one medium I am just getting started with improving as far as No 2-Minute Warning is concerned, but I feel this method of promotion will have a fixed place in the future social media planning for the site, and will perhaps serve as a model for similar efforts for Nittany Lions Den and Macho Row down the road. I also used this opportunity to utilize my Snapchat account, where I left a brief video message to anyone following me to let them know I just released a new podcast episode. It’s so simple and easy, there is no reason not to do just that.

The No 2-Minute Warning Podcast is available to listeners through iTunes and Google Play in addition to Stitcher and iHeart Radio.